Renfrew Public Library
March Break 2018!

March Break 2018!

Daily Mini-Morning Activities from 11am - 12:30pm

Makerspace Afternoons from 2pm - 3:30pm 


  • Admission is free!  Donations are always gratefully appreciated!
  • Check out the ages for each of the programs!
  •  Mini Morning Activities have a maximum of 20 children!
  • Makerspace Afternoons have a maximum of 30 children!
  • Friday’s Irish Photo Shoot! Program requires a parental signature on our Photography Consent Form available at Children’s Circ Desk!


To reserve a space and avoid disappointment, you can:

  • Call the Children's Department at 613-432-8151 ext. 5 to reserve a spot
  • Come visit the Chilren's Deparment and reserve a spot in person        
  • Drop in early on program day and there may be space

Monday, March 12th 

Morning: Teeny Weeny Walking Water Drops! Come and make water travel! Ages: 4 & up

Afternoon: Lego Challenges! Are you ready for the challenge? Ages: 4 & up

Tuesday, March 13th 

Morning: Miniature Merry-Go-Round!  

Watch electricity and magnetism make a mini merry-go-round rotate! Ages: 7 & up

Afternoon: program this afternoon!

Wednesday, March 14th 

Morning: Itsy-Bitsy Button Race Car!  

Watch physics at work with a wee race car that rides on button wheels! Ages: 4 & up

Afternoon: Parrot Partners! 

Interact with LIVE parrots! Hosted by the Parrot Partners from Carleton Place! Ages: 4 & up

Thursday, March 15th 

Morning: Bite-sized Beast Clips! 

Create teensy creatures to "bite" your backpack, belt loops, or shoelaces! Ages: 4 & up!

Afternoon: Toy Hacking! It's time to take broken toys and create unique, new toys! Ages: 7 & up

Friday, March 16th 

Morning: Wee Book Key Chains!

Craft a bitty book that you can write in and hang anywhere you need to leave a note! Ages: 7 & up

AfternoonIrish Photo Shoot

Use our green screen to "visit" Ireland! We'll take your photo and digitally place you at a top spot in Eire! Ages: Family

          *Important notes about the photo shoot: Photography consent form required. These forms are available at Children's Circ Desk.

           Reminder: DON'T wear green!!

Saturday, March 17th 

Morning: Lego Club! Drop in! Get creative! Ages: Family