QuestionCan I get a lottery license?


In order to qualify for a lottery license the Town of Renfrew Lottery Licensing Officer will determine if your ogranization is eligible or not. The licensing authority will review all relevant documentation to determine eligibility. These decisions are based on what is considered charitable in law according to the Criminal Code of Canada.

Your organization may qualify for a lottery license if it provides a charitable service to Ontario residents under one of these categories:

  • Relieve Poverty
  • Advance Religion
  • Advance Education
  • Benefit the Community

The following pre-requisites are mandatory to be considered eligible for a lottery license.

  • Organizations must have been in existence for at least one (1) year before being considered eligible for lottery licenses.
  • The organization must have a place of business in Ontario, demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benefit Ontario residents.
  • Completion of the Town of Renfrew Application for Licensing Eligibility form.

QuestionWhat can we use the lottery proceeds for?


Once you have been approved for lottery licensing in the Town of Renfrew, your organizations eligible use of proceeds is outlined on the AGCO website.


QuestionHow can I pay my property taxes?


Property taxes can be paid in person or mailed to the municipal office located at 127 Raglan Street South, Renfrew, Ontario K7V 1P8.

Forms of payments accepted include: cash, cheque, debit, tele-banking, on-line payment, pre-authorized payment.

QuestionHow do I find out more about my property assessment?


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation is responsible for assessing and classifying more than five million properties in the province of Ontario while ensuring compliance with various regulations set by the Province of Ontario including the Assessment Act. If you have any questions related to your asssement, visit aboutmyproperty.ca or visit their website for more information.

QuestionHow are my property taxes calculated?


The Town of Renfrew determines its revenue requirements on an annual basis to pay for municipal services being offered to the ratepayers in our communities. These services include, but are not limited to: water distribution, wastewater collection, full time fire fighting, curbide garbage and recycling collection program, landfill, roads and winter maintenance, soft services such as Parks & Recreation and Library to name a few.

The property tax rate is made up of three components: Municipal tax rate (set by the Town of Renfrew), County tax rate (set by the County of Renfrew) and Education tax rate (set by the Ontario Government).The total tax rate is multiplied by the assessed value of the property and a tax bill is generated.

The municipality remits the County and Education portions of the property tax revenue generated back to each governing body on a quarterly basis.

QuestionI don't understand my property assessment notice?


MPAC issues an assessment notice every four years.They look at sales in our community and compare your property to similiar ones in the community.To learn more about how MPAC calculates the assessed value of your property please visit the MPAC website

QuestionWhat can I do if I disagree with the assessed value of my property?


If you disagree with MPAC’s assessment or classification of your property, you can file what is called a Request for Reconsideration  and MPAC will review your assessment, free of charge. Your deadline to file a Request for Reconsideration with MPAC is printed on your Property Assessment Notice.

Please note: Business properties are not required to file an RfR before filing an appeal with the ARB.

To find out more visit the MPAC website.

QuestionWho do I contact about property owned by the Town of Renfrew?


Please contact the Economic and Communnity Development Department by calling 613.432.4848 or email ed@renfrew.ca.


QuestionI need help growing or expanding my business in Renfrew. Who can I contact?


Please contact the Economic and Communiy Development Department by calling 613.432.4848 or email ed@renfrew.ca. We will be happy to assist you and answer your questions and then connect you with the right support program to assist you.